Mind & Body

Mind & Body

3 Seasons

We too often neglect the balance needed for health. Mind & Body workouts allow you to work on your greatest muscle of all, your mind! Enjoy stimulating workouts that strengthen your core and lumbar, including Yoga and Pilates. Through alignment of your mind and body you will find everything falls into place and the changes will be evident.

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Mind & Body
  • Yoga Strength

    Episode 1

    A 12-minute workout to build on the strength of your body with slow controlled movements. Build and tone muscles throughout the body, strengthen your physique and your mind will get a workout too!

  • Pilates 2

    Episode 2

    Physio Pilates is a controlled pilates workout from a series of 3. Number 2 takes you through the correct techniques you need to learn to activate your core and build your base knowledge ready to move onto release 3.

  • Yoga 2

    Episode 3

    Use power in your Yoga practice by adding dumbbells. This moderate yoga workout will help build internal heat, increased stamina, strength, and flexibility, as well as help with stress reduction

  • Pilates Sculpt by Carla

    Episode 4

    This 25min Pilates workout will help sculpt your body whilst keeping you flexible and mobile. It combines classic Pilates & Yoga moves that are perfect for people new to both disciplines.

  • Med WOD 1

    Episode 5

  • Med Wod 3

    Episode 6

  • Med Wod 2

    Episode 7

  • Med WOD 4

    Episode 8