3 Seasons

Incorporating a number of popular styles including HIIT and Aerobics. CARDIO, as the name suggests is all about training your most important muscle: your heart - not to mention burning that fat away! Our fundamental focus is to improve your heart rate through a series of progressive and challenging workouts. We build momentum and intensity through each level, so there will alway be a workout choice that's right for you.

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  • Indoor cycle 2

    Episode 1

    Indoor cycling can improve your overall physical fitness by building strength and cardiovascular endurance. This cycling workout will put you through your pace and certainly challenge you!

  • Aerobic Burn

    Episode 2

    Clare takes us through an aerobic workout to help work on your cardiovascular health. She's got some moves and it's seriously fun so give it a go!

  • Ab Blast

    Episode 3

    Mirna loves a good ab workout. Join her for this 12-minute workout which will have you sweating and crunching until you can do no more!

  • Intermediate Latin Fusion

    Episode 4

    A workout that leads you through different Latin dance moves. You will smile all the way through the 18mins. Perfect for people who love to dance and want to get fit doing so.

  • Tabata Moderate Intensity

    Episode 5

    This workout may be a short workout at 13 minutes but Tabata will ensure you get a great all over body workout! Set at a moderate intensity it will get your heart rate up, boost your metabolism and build your overall conditioning and fitness.

  • Full Body Workout Level 1

    Episode 6

    Felix is so engaging to workout with and he's going to take you through a moderate intensity HIIT workout. He's expecting you to keep up and work your hardest!

  • Full Body Workout Advanced

    Episode 7

    Felix takes you through an advanced intensity HIIT workout. He's expecting you to keep up and work your hardest! You're going to feel the burn!

  • Boxing Circuit

    Episode 8

    Tony teaches you the fundamentals of a boxing circuit to work on your strength and conditioning and to help you improve your overall fitness.

  • Insane Leg workout

    Episode 9

    Feel the burn with Tony during this insane leg workout. He'll blast all your muscle fibres to help you work on your fitness, conditioning and strength.

  • Cardio, Core & Calm Moderate Intensity

    Episode 10

    Claire takes you through a moderate intensity workout that will start with cardio to get the heart pumping, move on to core for a strengthening blast and then finish with some calm to set you up for the rest of the day.

  • Intermediate Barre by Jess

    Episode 11

    A 22 min beautiful and elegant Barre workout using a chair or something to hold on to of similar height. Improve your balance, strength and posture through classic Ballet movements and training.

  • Med WOD 1

    Episode 12

  • Med Wod 3

    Episode 13

  • Med Wod 2

    Episode 14

  • Med WOD 4

    Episode 15